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Chocolate Delight Breakfast Bowl

If you’re like me and prefer sweet over savoury breakfasts, this chocolate delight breakfast bowl is perfect for you! The addition of almond butter and pieces of dark chocolate to whole grain oats is a perfect cure to satisfy sweet tooth cravings.

This also works as a great healthier alternative snack for times when I’m craving sugar.

Another bowl I’m obsessed with. Eating breakfast is easy when it tastes so good.

What are you waiting for? Try this out for breakfast and let us know what you think!

Ingredients: whole grain oats, banana, almond butter and dark chocolate


  1. Make the oats: boil water and salt in covered pot and stir in the oats, reduce heat and simmer, and cook uncovered for 3-5 minutes stirring occasionally.

  2. Add toppings, serve and eat: Fill a bowl with the cooked oats and top with banana, almond butter and pieces of dark chocolate (we used 70% Lindt Dark Chocolate). Mix together and enjoy eating this sweet breakfast bowl!