How this journey started...

Welcome to our blog! I’m Diana, the writer of this blog and this is Daniel, the chef creating all the yummy recipes. Together we’re a couple living in Toronto on a mission to share our passion with others to experience the world with an appetite.


Daniel grew up in Austria and I was born in Romania and grew up in Canada. We crossed paths in Ireland studying at the same university, while we were on an academic exchange, and the rest is history. You know the expression the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Well it was the opposite for us, he was the one that wowed me with his cooking skills. From the first time he cooked for me, to our first dates where he impressed me with his culinary knowledge, to our first trips to the grocery store and teaching me how to cook, I quickly learned of his passion for food. I still vividly remember his shock when I picked up a frozen lasagna during our first trip to the grocery store - he has taught me since that making things from scratch is not only healthier but also more simple than people think. Not only are Daniel’s recipes simple (if I can do them, trust me so can you!), but they are uniquely delicious. Now trust me, I have thought to myself, maybe my taste buds are just blinded by love, but friends and family have confirmed repeatedly the food he invents is truly very tasty.

From the classics to modern twists, our blog covers all types of tastes for soups, salads, appetizers, dips, mains, drinks and desserts. Whether you’re looking for quick and easy or the fancy dish to impress we have you covered! We know life can be really hectic, so we wanted to create a platform that not only includes simple recipes for anyone to cook and enjoy, but also recommendations for restaurants and social events. We look forward to sharing our journey with you - let’s experience taste together!

Daniel Hiptmair and Diana Tudose; ExperieneTaste